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Meditation Chair Review Part 2 – Floor Support

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The meditation chairs featured in this article are designed to give you support while you are seated on the floor. They are the most portable and convenient forms of meditation chair, and are a cost effective option too.

Being outdoors surrounded by nature will give you a wonderful new meditative experience. You can draw on the energy of the trees, of the earth and the air.

However many people find it difficult to remain comfortable and focussed because they still need some support. The following chairs are designed to give you support in these situations, while being very easy to carry so they are able to be used even in remote locations, as well as in the home.

The BackJack Meditation Chair

The BackJack chair is a soft, comfortable chair that is light-weight enough to be portable, but still durable and strong enough to give good back support when sitting on the floor. The frame is made of steel-zinc, with lots of comfortable foam padding and a 100% cotton duck cover. The seat cushion is well padded to keep legs and hips comfortable during meditation. They are a great solution to give you support and comfort for both home and outdoor meditation.

Multi-Angle Chair

This fully adjustable, cushioned recliner chair is a great multi-purpose option. In the upright position is is supportive enough for your meditation sessions, and then you can set it to recline and enjoy a relaxing rest anywhere you like – indoors or out! The cushion is made of thick, soft foam with a vinyl backing to protect it from dampness. The carry-handle makes it easy to take with you for your meditation or other leisure activities at the beach, the park, the pool, camping, sports events, park concerts, or just in your own backyard.

Salubrion Meditation Chair

This chair is specifically designed for meditation, which makes the L-100 Salubrion Seat ™ the preferred choice for floor meditation chairs. This seat provides exceptional support, and helps align your back and lumbar curve giving you far greater comfort during your meditation. Benefits also include increased blood flow to the legs, greater comfort and relaxation, and deeper and longer meditation sessions. This seat only weights 2 pounds, so is easy to carry with you wherever you go. A carry bag is also available

Nada Chair Sit-Pack

This is the most light-weight, easy to transport option for back-support while meditating on the floor. The Nada chair is a unique compact back posture support device that allows you to sit comfortably for hours with effortless good posture.  It consists of straps that loop around your knees or feet, connected to a back support cushion that stabilises the pelvis and so automatically draws your spine into alignment and stops slouching.  It is completely adjustable and makes any sitting more comfortable whether you are on the floor, at the computer, at work or on the lounge. It is very light and easy to take on long walks. The model shown here also includes a pack which is perfect for meditation trips into the wilderness.

If you would like to add a review or feedback for any of these chairs, please leave a comment.  And look out for the next meditation chair post, which will cover meditation cushions!

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